Let's find your STRONG again.

Physically, mentally, emotionally.

A membership in our Back to Strong Community includes:

  • Workout videos scheduled for you to build strong muscles and eliminate weaknesses
  • Nutrition coaching to hold you accountable to fueling your body, having high energy, and dropping any unnecessary body fat so you can move freely.
  • A private Facebook group where we all share, collaborate, motivate, and cheer each other on. Strong body, strong sisterhood.
  • Access to me at any time with questions, concerns or just to reach out and say hey. I've always got your back.
  • Videos on stretching, warming up, pre-hab exercises to prevent injuries. 

Join a group of women, dedicated to getting healthy and feeling good. A group of wonder women who truly believe in themselves as human beings, not just as women. We don’t follow a guru…we think for ourselves. We don’t impose society’s beauty rules on ourselves…we recognize and create our own beauty in whatever form it comes in. We don’t punish our bodies with diet and exercise just so our bodies become smaller…we strive to live big. We don’t contract…we expand. We don’t belittle…we empower. We don’t shrink…we command the room!

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We build our bodies and our health through a process founded in the love of becoming a better and more capable woman in all aspects of life. So while my client is struggling to lift a heavy weight, she’s building her muscles while she’s also building her resolve. As she finishes an exercise she never thought she could do, she’s opening her eyes to all the possibilities in her life. While she’s working to make her body fitter, faster, stronger, she’s also appreciating all the ways that body has been there for her (even when she’s hated it).

As she commits to a healthy routine to respect her body’s health, she begins to demand that same respect from everyone else. As she creates boundaries that work for her health and lead her to success, she creates similar boundaries in her personal life. As she stops comparing her body to other women’s, she starts looking for similarities that unite rather than tear down.

If you don't want to conform anymore to some societal image of feminine beauty with no regard as to how it affects your quality of life and self-respect...if you're done conforming, done shrinking, done starving, done with being a people pleaser, this is the group for you. Even if you WANT these things but you aren't even close to being this STRONG yet, this is the group to get you there. 

Say it with me now: "I have more to offer this world than a perfect body. I am building a strong mind and body so I can change the world."

$25 per month, cancel anytime, but I know you won't want to. : ) Legal stuff here.