Body Image Village, Part 2

Last week I told you about 4 ladies I follow on social media and the importance of surrounding yourself with motivating, body-positive people.  If you missed it, here’s the list.  Today, here are four MORE badass ladies!  Check them out and see if they resonate with you.

Marci Locke 

First of all, if you don’t like cussing, then don’t look Marci up…her message is not for you! But if you want to start asking yourself new questions that will alter how you live your life right freaking now, then watch and read all you can on Marci! Her videos are so inspirational and make so much sense! She will remove the blinders from your eyes, allowing you to finally see how infinitely awesome you are and how freakin’ “fantastical” your life gets to be. She started out as a personal trainer in the Utah area and has since moved to more personal development coaching so that you can rock out in ALL areas of your life.

Nardia Norman


I just recently started following Nardia on social media after hearing her speak in an online summit on thyroid health (yes, that’s something I do in my free time…geek alert!!). Apparently she’s a big, famous trainer in Australia and after you read about her you’ll understand why! She has workshops, online programs, speaking engagements, and a book that can all help you reach your greatest health goals without losing your sanity. She also links to some great articles on Facebook, so find her there too.

Madelyn Moon

Maddy is a former bikini competitor who decided good health was more important than a plastic trophy (wow, that sounds eerily similar to me…). She blogs and hosts her own podcast about what good health looks and feels like, versus obsessive dieting/training. For god’s sake, she wrote an article about how she loves her cellulite! How can you not love her?! Check her out here:

Kelly Coffey

This woman has such an amazing story and her physical transformation is only the start of it! She writes about shame, weightloss, self-sabotage, healthy boundaries, food addiction, why she actually misses her 300lb body. Don’t ask, just go read her stuff. It’s all juicy, and it’s all stuff we need to be talking about.

If you have other women you follow and love for their health, body image or encouragement, please shoot me an email ( so I can follow them too!

About Kristy Stabler

Kristy Stabler is a wife, mom of 3 daughters, a national level figure competitor, a nutritionist, personal trainer, and health blogger for the Huffington Post. But underneath all those titles, she’s a woman who has dealt with her own body image issues, self-doubt and diet obsession. Seeing a lack of true substance to most of the fitness programs out there, Kristy changed her coaching to address the mental & emotional aspects of good health that every woman deals with on a daily basis, but tends to ignore in the pursuit of a size zero. Kristy has a Business Degree from California State University Sacramento and is ISSA certified in nutrition and personal training.