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The holiday whirlwind is here again and all I can think of is how much weight I gained last year!  I don’t want to do that again! But damn, that pumpkin pie looks really good…. Is that what’s going through your head right now as we hit Thanksgiving? Take a deep breath, relax your shoulders […]

Let’s find your STRONG again. Physically, mentally, emotionally. A membership in our Back to Strong Community includes: Workout videos scheduled for you to build strong muscles and eliminate weaknesses Nutrition coaching to hold you accountable to fueling your body, having high energy, and dropping any unnecessary body fat so you can move freely.A private Facebook […]

I must confess that I have a favorite client type. And as any of my clients that have worked out in my gym can attest to, this tends to fuel the culture of my business. I LOVE to train women who want to find themselves through working out. Yes, my clients, both in-person & online, […]


Results, baby!

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    - Michelle – Online Client
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    - Megan-Online Client
  • Matt MacLean cropped

    Matt’s 6-week transformation – AZ

  • “You are such an inspiration to so many with not only your knowledge base but who you are. You spread positive energy with everyone you come in contact with, often subconsciously. It’s a gift that you have and I know this from experience. THANK YOU!!!”

    D, AZ

  • If I had to pick one word to describe working with Kristy, it is SUCCESS. I put myself in her hands and totally surrendered. I figured if I fail, then it will be her fault, not mine.

    My part is easy, I just follow the diet plan and eat exactly what she tells me which has become routine. Then I take a tape measure and watch the inches disappear. Below are my results after 4 months of following Kristy’s plan.

    Lost 18 pounds, lost 4 inches in my waist, lost 2 inches in my lower abs, lost 4 inches in my chest, lost 2 inches around my glutes, lost 3.5 inches in each thigh and lost 1.25 inches around my biceps.

    That’s a LOT of inches lost.

    The reason I succeed is that I never lose focus. I know how I want my body to look. I have tried every diet on the planet and they all work but they do not work long term and for the most part are not healthy. Working with Kristy, I eat 6 meals a day and am never hungry. If I go off plan because of some social occasion or indulgence, I just go right back on. She adjusts your plan according to how you feel and your results. She is extremely supportive and responds to everything you tell her.

    If you want results, keep your head in the game and just do what she says. The inches will melt away. What I have learned after working out hard for 17 years is that while working out is important, it is diet that will get you the physique you want.

    Sheryl, AZ

  • I started working with Kristy about 1 year ago with little knowledge of how to properly feed my body with the nutrients it needs. She is skilled, thoughtful, sensible, and a pleasure to work with and talk to. She knows just how and when to encourage me. The results I have achieved to this point are largely due to her expertise in food nutrition and her ability to dial in on my personal goals. She has many diverse methods and a vast knowledge of food and nutrition to help all different types of people with all different types of goals. Kristy is very enthusiastic and will stay committed to you and push you, and check up on you on a daily basis. Not only has she inspired me over the past year, but she has become a great friend who has helped me to lay a new foundation for a healthy lifetime commitment.  Thank you so much!

    Tracy, AZ

  • I have had a problem with eating since I can remember. I have usually kept my weight at a “normal” weight, but after the birth of my second child I was so out of shape, so large, and depressed.  I was very overwhelmed with the weight loss I had ahead of me.  I saw someone at the gym who looked fantastic and asked her what she did. She said she was given a diet plan by Kristy Stabler. So I signed up with her three weeks after I gave birth.  She gave me a great eating plan, which really was more of a way of life than a diet.  I really thought I had eaten healthy before this, but I learned so much since I worked with Kristy.  For example, I learned the peanut butter I was eating was full of sugar.  I learned what to eat after I workout, which is really important.  I was never really hungry because she had me eating five to six times a day.  She gave me a plan with the foods that I liked.  I emailed often, because I really needed help. She responded so quickly. I learned how to eat out at a restaurant without throwing my whole eating plan off.  I learned I can still have a glass of wine, but it is all in moderation.  That is the key. I still have a lot to learn, but I definitely benefited from working with Kristy and refer all my friends to her.  I gained a lot of weight from pregnancy, but since the birth I have lost 58 pounds and gained some great muscle as well. I definitely recommend working with Kristy if you want to get in better shape and feel fantastic.

    Karen, AZ

  • “Kristy’s personalized diet plan for me has worked miracles.  First, I do not have a body like hers, nor will I ever.  And I’m not young, either.  Rather, I’m a 61 year old, Type 2 diabetic who has fought this disease for years.  My 3 month average blood sugars (better known as my A1C’s) haven’t been in the normal range for about 5 years.  My doctor had added a 4th medication and was considering insulin injections — that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Kristy worked with me and in less than a week, I subtracted not one, but two of my diabetic meds.  My A1C is normal, I am ecstatic, and so is my doctor.  I’m also using the Wii Fit and noticing immense improvement with my balance and strength.  And, I’m losing inches in my abdomen!  Without a doubt, the best part is the way Kristy tailored my diet plan, including my likes and dislikes.  It hasn’t always been easy, but her support, help and humor has kept me going.  THANK YOU, KRISTY!!!!”

    -Laura, CA


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